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PROFIT BRAHMAPUTRA GLOBAL PPPP PROJECT CONCEPTUALISED by POGL Development Group of global professionals from Assam, sponsored by Purvashi Oil & Gas Ltd.(POGL) in association with international technology providers from Illinois University USA, International Sediment Initiative (ISI) USA, Rhine River Management of Netherlands, MOU with Chinese Hwang He type Dredger Manufacturing Co, Owner being the President of Dredging Association China for appropriate equipment, Finland Shallow water Dredging equipment, Kerala Back water Management system .The project is as per Guideline of NITTI Aayog, having appraised to PM and included in the BJP’s Vision Document and in Congress Manifesto as commitment to people before election. Rs 1 Lakh Cr. Earmarked by the Central Government, several FDI proposal received but only after START UP WITH SUPPORT.

To realise the Vision NE, professionals from NE initiated mega Profit Brahmaputra 3L (Life, Land & Livelihood) PPPP Project to monetise naturally available Janadhan, Jaladhan, Banadhan, Bhumidhan by Scientific & Healthy management of Brahmaputra.

POGL has been operating a group of skill development institutions in partnership with universities and global technology providers since 2005. The group has now been to generate large number of revenue earning innovative bankable projects to work for PROFIT BRAHMAPUTRA project for sustainable development to create opportunities for investors, banks and financial institutions.

The objective of Profit Brahmaputra is to make flood free Assam by Scientific and Healthy management of river Brahmaputra with returning soil to the land concept. Employment generation, tourism development, Inland water transport are the key aspect of Profit Brahmaputra Mega project.

Primary focus has been on wealth creation, employment generation, income enhancement for the riparian inhabitants of the NE India;


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