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POGL Collaboration

We have integrated technology transfer from USA, Netherlands, International Sediment Initiative (ISI) and Kerala Back Water management to implement in Brahmaputra. As Brahmaputra became shallow and the bed has raised by almost 45 ft and normal dredger cannot operate, through global search we located shallow dredging technology and equipment manufacturer. As our requirement of dredgers is more than 1000, we opted to sign an MOU where by few dredgers will be purchased and rest will be fabricated in Assam under “PM’s Make in India” policy like that done for defense equipment. We opted for technology transfer and training of our people so that our vast human resource can be made skilled for employment generations.

Some of the key collaboration are.

  • Young Sheng China
  • USA Tech Illinois ISI
  • Water Master Finland
  • Dharsan Dredging Constructions and Private Limited.

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