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Guwahati is the power centre of Assam and is the prime economic hub for the entire NE region. If the flood problem of Guwahati cannot be solved, how the common people of Dhemaji to Dhubriof 21 districts of Brahmaputra valley can expect of which started after independence from 1950.

In Gujarat, people and private sectors are involved through enacting PPP, whereas we try in Assam through government. Unless we involve people, development is not possible as the annual cost of Government employees is around 4 lakh crores of our tax payers money. A day delay in decision cost people of Assam more than 1 lakh crores. Unless the system is changed, neither the prevailing deep rooted corruption can be stopped nor the government money will be invested for development of common masses. While corruption is the tip of the iceberg, wastage is huge as cost and time is key for development through job creation and revenue generation.

Our professional Group sponsored by Purvashi Oil and Gas Ltd. (POGL), undertook detail study on the nature of flood, topography and soil condition of Guwahati. The project after conceptualization submitted on Oct 20, 2014. We met and discussed with expert from Germany, the manufacturer of Tunnel Boring Machines (TBM) who was involved in planning and drilling of 9.6 KM SMART of 40 ft Diameter. Kuala Lumpur was vulnerable for tunnel drilling as it has lime stone formation but in spite of the great constraints, the SMART project could be completed and solve both flood with traffic problem permanently. For Guwahati, a 1.4 KM SMART Project has been conceptualised from Chandmari to Brahmaputra river bank, to drain out Nabagraha water before flooding Chandmari, Zoo Road, Nabin Nagar, Anil Nagar Etc.

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